House rules

When buying a ticket or visiting the event, you must agree with the house rules from MBFH, that will be explained below.

At the entrance the security will search you. If you do not cooperate with the search, the acces to the terrain will be denied.

The visitor must have a legitimate license, which must be showed if asked. The following counts as a legitimate license: Drivers license, ID or passport. You can be asked by security to make a copy of your license. Minimum age to acces the event is 18 years unless told otherwise.

The organisation retains the right to deny the acces of a visitor at the entrance and MBFH has the right to give no refund for the ticket. Acces to the event is possible until a certain time. This time is found on the entry ticket. After this time the visitor is not allowed acces anymore and MBFH does not have to refund the ticket.

It is allowed to take medicine to the event, provided that the medicine are in their original, closed-off, packing and are carried with an information leaflet. Also it must be proven why this medicine should be used. If this is doubted by the organization, they are authorized to take the medicine.

There will be no acces to the terrain if people wear clothes that can be related to groups, groupings, politics or clubs. As example, moterclubs (jackets with names), politc parties, soccor clubs (shirts) etc. All other clothing is allowed with the exception of clothing with racists slurs. Soccershirts from national clubs are allowed.

In connection with security-and safety reasons it is not possible to walk in and out from the event terrain. With entering the terrain you are expected to be able to communicate with the staff and security. It is not allowed to bring drinks and food on the terrain.


If, due to unforseen circumstances, the event will be canceled by, for example: extreme weather conditions, epedemics or the festivalterrain becoming unusable, the MBFH can’t be held liable for this and there will be no refund for the costs from the visitors.

The oganisation does not hold itself liable for damage, theft and any possible injuries as a consequence of visiting this event.


A relaxed attitude and same behavior are basic conditions during this event.

Discrimination by visitors as well as staff will not be tolerated.

Drugs and/other narcotics are prohibited. The consumption, use, dealing of drugs, as well as the having the means are prohibited in the direct environment and at the event itself. The buying or almost buying of drugs is prohibited.

Weapons or objects that can be used as weapons are always prohibited. POLICE WILL BE CALLED IF FOUND!

It is prohibited to have liquids like perfume and spraycans like deodorant on the terrain. Suncream and deodorant sticks are allowed if they are in their original packing.

Urinating in public is prohibited and shall be treated severely. There are plenty toilets available at the event. These are free, if otherwise is stated. There is a toilet for the disabled available at the first aid.

Smoking is prohibited in all locations in The Netherlands. This also counts for tents at the festival. This wil be supervised and if caught, acces can be denied on the terrain.

The throwing of drinks and other objects will not be tolerated.

Intentional destructing personal objects and objects from the event, will be reported to the police and the acces will be denied from the terrain.

Found objects can be given to the information desk and the cash registers.

We emphasize that the visitor is aware that during the event there will be loud music. MBFH advises to give ears rest during the event by going to areas where no music is heared and by wearing earplugs.

Lockers are available at the festival. Protect your stuff or your coat in a locker. This is available during the event. MBFH is not responsible for lost objects and/or theft. Be sure to take a coat/cardigan, the tempature can drop at night.

It is prohibited without permission from MBFH to sell goods at/around the event terrain.

It is prohibited to spread flyers at/around the event terrain or hang posters without permission from the organisation.

We make use of securitycamera’s.

First aid

We have a seperate first aid room with certified first aiders. Treatment of minors will always be notificated to the parents/caretakes from the minor.


Instructions from staff as well as the police, fire department, GGD and other supervisors are to be followed up by visitors without doubt.

Staff as well as the police are entiteld to enquire about the possession of illegal objects and the possesion and destruction of said object.

Entrytickets and e-tickets

The entrytickets are and will stay property of MBFH. It is prohibited to sell the entrytickets to third parties and/or use the entrytickets for commercial purposes. If offending this prohibition, MBFH is entiteld to deny the acces to the event and recover all the costs of the damage at the offender.

The organisation maintains the right to cancel the tickets. In this case the full price (including the fee) will be paid back to the customer.


In case of unforseen circumstances, like the cancelation of an artist, we will try to find a worthy replacement.
MBFH cannot be held responsible for this and there will be no refund to the visitor.


Coins that are bought are only valid at the event where these have been bought. Bought coins cannot be returned and are not exchangable for money.

At events from MBFH can only be paid with the coins that are bought there. Coins will and stay property of MBFH.

Conditions for media

During the event photographs will be taken and there will be recorded. If you acces the event terrain, you will agree that the organisation makes video and/or sound recordings of visitors and spread this across all kinds of mediatypes.

It is allowed to take photograph devices with you during the event. This means: digital photocamera with normal lens, phones with camera’s and throw away devices. It is not allowed to take professional photocamera’s. It is also not allowed to take a videocamera. Different photographers are present to take photo’s.


In consideration of the seriousness of the incident a choice can be made to remove the visitor from the terrain and therefore will not be able to acces the terrain for the rest of the day. By committing a crime the person will be turned in to the police.



If there are any questions regarding these house rules, you can contact us via
If you have any complaints, you can report these to the organisation/ Complaints can be reported via phone, e-mail and in writing. Any other contactinformation is found on our website: